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SewMor 606 Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road

SewMor 606 Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road


This fine machine was made in mid-Century Japan, and the Japanese commitment to quality and beauty are evident in her styling and in her quiet strength.


Her 1.5 Amp motor is the strongest used on any home sewing machine (most are .6 Amp to 1.2 Amps) and her solid steel machinery is able to distribute that power to all her various assemblies so you can sew everything from little dresses and quilts to leather clothing.


She's not an industrial machine (those have huge motors, twice the footprint, and three or more times the price) but she's strong enough to do any domestic sewing.


Of course, functionality is far more important than appearance but if beauty is incorporated into her design and construction she is an exceptional machine.


She uses standard needles and standard class 15 bobbins, both the most common in the world and available everywhere. 


Make this fine SewMor 606 your machine and bring her home to your shop or sewing room, today.