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Because we care and refuse to rush such an important element as the packing of your awesome machine, we give ourselves 3-10 business days to pack and commit her into the hands of the shipper.

Bear in mind that we're shipping a roughly 12 to 30 pound steel machine with breakable and bendable parts across the country in a bouncy truck, plane, or boat, in a cardboard box. Because we've done it a thousand times though(literally), and because we take the time to do it right, we're good at it.


Be sure before you buy -


because we are not a "Big Box" store that accepts returns willy-nilly. If there's a real problem with the machine, of course you may return it, but we test, and re-test, and then we do a final test just before shipping, which we video for you, and which also includes a tutorial on how to thread, wind bobbins, and how to operate the machine.

In other words, be sure it fits your budget before you commit to the purchase because once you make the purchase, you own her.

We're going to pay to ship her to you and we're going to pack her to arrive safely. This is a time and money commitment on our part to do it right. We don't take this lightly.

Again, be sure before you buy.

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