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Kenmore 148.273 Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road

Kenmore 148.273 Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road


This beautiful Kenmore straight-stitch machine is an improved version of Singer's Class 15 machine.


Affectionately known as a "clone" she has all the best features of Singer's famous machine but with a stronger motor, a bed-mounted feed drop control, instant release and reset sewing foot pressure, and an improved, more durable finish.


This versatile machine has the ability to sew regular and delicate fabrics and the power to sew multiple layers of heavy materials like denim, canvas, duck, and even garment leather.


She uses standard needles and standard class bobbins 15 bobbins, both the most common in the world. 


She's fresh off our restoration bench where we had her apart to scrub her parts in our alcohol bath to clean off the decades of dried on oil and dirt, then those parts inspected and polished before being restored to the machine, she's been tested, adjusted and tested some more until now she's running and sewing perfectly. 


Make this sweet machine yours and bring her home to your sewing room today.