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Custom, One of a Kind, Singer 128 Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road

Custom, One of a Kind, Singer 128 Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road


With this beautiful Singer model 128, we wanted to create something absolutely Unique. Something that no one else has, and that can't be duplicated.


We started with a vintage Singer machine which we disassembled and restored from the inside-out. Our 25 years of restoring worthy sewing machines and the thousand-plus machines that we've restored and sent out to new homes, nation wide and beyond gives us some credibility there, and our lifetime service guaranty that's included with this fine machine gives you assurance that we stand behind our work.


After repainting, we comissioned Nick DeAngelo, animator for the TV show, Graveyard Carz, to decorate her exterior. We gave Nick free reign to create and the result is reminiscent of the 1960s underground comic art seen in the many offbeat comic zines of the era.


Rather than choose between a hand-crank and a motor, we decided to include both. A simple operation takes her from motorized operation to hand crank.


We removed the darkened varnish from the bentwood carry case and refinshed it with multiple hand-rubbed coats of Danish oil, to a soft, glowing shine. The key for the case was hand-made by Ivan Cauldwell of Art of Nidavellir, who also produced a matching set of sewing machine screwdrivers, just for this machine.


To see this machine in action, view the tutorial video that we made for her to see how to operate her, how to wind the long-shuttle bobbin, how to switch between the motor and the hand-crank, and more.

click this link to view your tutorial online:


If you or your loved one eschews the mass-produced and the banal, this beautiful sewing machine is certainly beyond the ordinary.