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Windsor B Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road

Windsor B Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road


Made by the National Sewing Machine Co. In Belevedere, Illinois, this very pretty Windsor B sewing machine comes mounted in her own cast iron stand.


She features a bullet-shaped long bobbin shuttle and a direct-contact pulley drive.


Never used a long shuttle machine before? In the Final Test video that we'll make for you just before we send her to you,  we'll show you how to wind the bobbin and insert it in the machine, how to thread the machine, and how to work all the various controls so you'll be up and running right away.


Back when machines like this one were made, the manufacturers prided themselves on the quality, durability,  and beauty of their products. You won't find craftsmanship like this on any machine made today, for example; the decorative scrollwork, the nickle silver shiny bits, and the delightful shape of the foot control.


Display this unique machine in your sewing room and put her to work, too. Make her yours, today.

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