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Singer 411g vintage German made sewing machine

German Singer 411g Vintage Sewing Machine, Restored by Stagecoach Road

SKU: s411g

One of Singer's best ever sewing machines, this 411g from Singer's factory in Germany has great features like the built-in, gear-drive motor, all metal construction (aluminum on the outside, steel on the inside), and a full rotary hook for the smoothest operation and a tidy stitch (think featherweight, 201, 301, 401A, and more. these are the rotary hook machines).


If you're familiar with the Singer 500 Rocketeer, this machine will feel familiar, with enough small differences to make it a model unto itself.  And, of course, the famous vintage Singer quality is kicked up a notch with German precision.


She's a slant-needle machine that uses the standard drop-in, class 66 bobbins and the same pattern cams that you've used on any other slant-needle Singer, and standard needles. And, she comes with a full accessory set that includes cams, bobbins, attachments and more, and a Singer slant-needle buttonholer in a pink Jetson case.


And who are we? We are Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine. We've been restoring fine vintage sewing machines for twenty-five years, and we're good at it. You've most likely seen our how-to videos online and may have seen some of our other restorations, as well, but even after all these years and the thousand-plus machines we've restored, each one is still special and we treat each one with love and care.


In fact, for safety's sake, we're going to remove the spool pins from the top so they don't get bent or broken in transit, when we pack her up to send to you. And that's another thing we're good at. We've had scads of practice packing sewing machines to make the jouirney and arrive safely.


So, if you are ready to commit to the best sewing machine you've ever owned, one that will last you the rest of your life and then become a family heirloom, click on the buy button and make her yours.