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Singer Genie vintage sewing machine-front

Singer Genie Sewing Machine, restored by Stagecoach Road, w Free Shipping!


Sometimes called, "the Hippy Machine", this awesome throwback to a groovier era was made in the 1970s to be ultra portable. She's lightweight and, when she's encased in her slide-on armor, she's like a tough little seed with a carry handle. And, she fits into tight quarters in your apartment, RV, or sailboat.


She's also made to be simple, with super easy controls, yet nice features like her 3-home needle position selector, thumb button reverse, and her power switch location. She boasts the most useful of sewing stitches; straight-stitch, zigzag, blind-stitch and a few others, and her stitch width selector is a simple marked-slider. Her foot control and cords are tucked away in the bottom of her slide-off case and there's even a bit of room for storage.


People love this sweet Singer Genie,and her hip, flowered accents, straight out of the 1970s.


She uses standard needles and standard class 66 bobbins, the same as the Singer 401A, 66, 99, 185j, and many more, and they're available everywhere. Her low shank sewing foot means that there are scads of sewing feet, attachments and accessories that will fit this machine, available from your local sewing store and from all over the internet.


All she needs is love, Love, so bring her home to your sewing room, boat, bus, or vintage trailer, and give her some.

  • shipping and returns

    Because we care and refuse to rush the packing, we give ourselves 3-10 business days to pack and ship your beautiful machine. Hurry is not a part of our lexicon. We'll be shipping a heavy chunk of steel in a cardboard box, in a bouncy truck, or maybe a plane or a ship. This takes some care.


    And, be sure before you buy because we are not a "Big Box" store that accepts returns willy-nilly. If there's a real problem with the machine, of course you may return it, but we test, and re-test, and then we do a final test just before shipping, which we video for you, and which also includes a tutorial on how to thread, wind bobbins, and how to operate the machine.