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Singer 401A vintage Slant sewing machine

Singer 401A Sewing Machine-to be restored for you


Shown here in her raw, unrestored state, a Singer 401A Sewing Machine:


Another one of Singer's finest is the 401A, queen of the Slant-o-Matics. This very desirable machine features a full-rotary hook, scads of stitch patterns built-in, steel workings in a lightweight aluminum body, and she accepts drop-in stitch pattern cams for even more stitch possibilities.


Make her yours and we'll get her up on the restoration bench at the next opening, and restore her just for you.



  • Choose your machine for restoration

    In our desert shop, we don't have access to all the lovely restored machines in our Oregon warehouse, so in addition to the few which we've already restored for you, we've listed some of the very most popular machines that we have on hand so you can choose your favorite and we'll restore her just for you! 

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