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Singer 185j vintage sewing machine

Singer 185j Sewing Machine, restored by Stagecoach Road, w Free Shipping!


This beautiful Singer 185j is the daughter of the famous Singer 99, a 3/4 size, fully functional sewing machine that's made to fit into smaller spaces in your home, RV, or sailboat.


Although small, this strong sewing machine sews everything that her big sister, the Singer 66, will. She uses a low shank foot so there are loads of feet, attachments, and accessories available all over the internet and at your local sewing store. And she uses standard needles, and standard class 66 bobbins (same as the 66, 401A, and numerous others), available everywhere.


She's fresh off our restoration bench, where we've been restoring worthy sewing machines since the last Century, so she's looking and sewing her best.


Maybe not best of all but pretty neat, she comes in her original carry case which, if you didn't notice it in the photos above is pretty swell looking. it's worth going back for another look.


Beautifully restored, make this sweet machine yours and bring her home to your sewing room (boat, RV), today!

  • shipping and returns

    Because we care and refuse to rush the packing, we give ourselves 3-10 business days to pack and ship your beautiful machine. Hurry is not a part of our lexicon. We'll be shipping a heavy chunk of steel in a cardboard box, in a bouncy truck, or maybe a plane or a ship. This takes some care.


    And, be sure before you buy because we are not a "Big Box" store that accepts returns willy-nilly. If there's a real problem with the machine, of course you may return it, but we test, and re-test, and then we do a final test just before shipping, which we video for you, and which also includes a tutorial on how to thread, wind bobbins, and how to operate the machine.  

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